Tatcor is a family-owned, locally operated business in West Chester, PA. We have been improving properties for over 12 years, specializing in exceptional home renovations, home additions, finished basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Our custom design-build approach sets us apart from other home construction companies because we use detailed, custom pieces that result in finished projects rich in character and beauty. As a Design-Build Firm, we work collaboratively with our clients and additional resources to achieve dynamic results. If engineering is required, we have a professional on staff. If you have a specific dream or vision, we listen carefully and develop a design. The end product combines a variety of premium materials that successfully achieves a beautiful, high-quality look. Our family secret is found in the right measure, purposefully selected spaces, bold woodwork, stone accents, and dramatic lighting. These frameworks allow for continued development of beautiful, intentional interior-design pallets.

Read up on our latest blog posts here. They'll be here soon, hopefully.

Our blogs will be personal and fun. We'll provide lots of cool information for doing-it-yourself, and also share some tips for you to apply to your own home. We hope you look forward to the writing coming soon. - The Tatcor Family
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